Exams Week

Well…..If you are a student in the US of A pursuing an MS degree in any godforsaken field, this is probably the worst time of the semester. It was pretty much the same scenario back home in India too where the month prior to the exams was the only time where the midnight lamp shone brightest. But back home, it was all about going through old question papers and reading or should I say roting select topics just for the elusive “40”.

Countries change and so do we. Exams week is the most dreaded time. It is just before a long vacation where India trips are planned if not a short vacation somewhere in the US. So getting over with those blessed exams are higher priority than actually studying for them. If 40 was the benchmark in Bombay, it shoots right up to a 90 here. Point to be noted. Learning by heart, like we did for those exams back home are now a thing of the past. Conceptual knowledge, which for Mumbai University students is just a fantasy, is now tested.

Albeit some scary stuff…… A couple of weeks before this dreaded nightmarish week comes the slogging of a lifetime. Burning the midnight oil is kind of customary. A search for a more apt phrase leads to the discovery of “sleepless nights”. 
At the end of all this misery comes a silver lining, a month of enjoyment. An India trip or a US holiday is almost at touching distance now… But for crying out loud…. we are graduate students…. Are we honestly entitled to fun?? About 10 days later comes…… GRADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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