Smokin Smokies and Amazin Atlanta…..

The season of spring brings with it a well-deserved break from the harsh winters and the middle of the semester brings the urge to take a vacation albeit short. The weather being good and the desire to vacation combined to form a lethal combination of a trip to the Smokey Mountains and Atlanta.

A 4 day adventure with 4 guys and a very brave girl was doomed to be an adventure of the highest order. We set off on Friday afternoon equipped with cheap camping equipment but with an unmatchable spirit of adventure.
An overnighter at Cookville, TN and early next day we were off. Smokies, here we come. Cades Cove was where we were meant to tent. Arrival was more or less on time, the delay due to wrong directions caused by a futile GPS, whose stories are immortal during the rest of the trip. We reached Cade’s Cove and decided to go for a hike to Abram Falls. The hike was about 5 miles one way. Along the way came a lot of trees, shrubs, fallen trees. After 5 miles of huffing and puffing, we were finally and we were taken aback by the breathtaking view of the Abram Waterfalls. It was so gorgeous that all of us just sat there for almost half an hour and were just admiring its majesty. Mandatory photo-sessions were the order of the rest of the evening. But we had to trudge back to our camping site before the sun dove into the western skies. Encouraged by the fact that we were going to put up our very own tent, we reached our site.
Armed with one supposedly experienced camper, we tried to build our tents. We had two tents, one big and the other small. We started at about 8:30 pm assuming we had a 30 minute job after which we could get some well-deserved rest. But no, our so-called experienced camper goofed up with tent “upbringing” and we ended up taking nearly 2 hours. Finally, we got our tents up and had a bag of chips for dinner and just fell flat in our sleeping bags. The night was cold and we were freezing and 3 of us crammed into one sleeping bag. A bad night to say the least. But it was fun nonetheless.
Next morning, our destination was Gatlinburg, TN. That place was a wonderland and we felt like we were in some sort of a dreamland. It was so beautiful and colorful with sights and sounds so pretty that it had to be seen to be believed. The trip to Gatlinburg was capped off with a ride on the Skylift which showed the splendour Gatlinburg had to offer. With Tennessee done, we turned our sights to its neighbor, Atlanta, GA. Atlanta had its world-famous aquarium and the Coke plant next door to offer us. A night’s rest at a Motel 7 and the next day we were off.
Atlanta next. The aquarium was full of colorful, pretty and sometimes downright wierd fish. A 4-D show, loud and trained Beluga whales, loads of pretty fish, and even a Gecko Geiko and our trip to the aquarium was done. Coke plant was where my childhood dreams were going to turn to reality. As much coke as you can drink. A free coke bottle at the end of it was the cherry on the top. The “famed” GPS got us running round the downtown area in circles. But eventually, we were headed back to our hometown. With a successful trip to boast about, we drove away.
Away into the horizons through the night, with feelings saying that the world is such a beautiful place. Loads still left to be seen. Atleast I am fortunate enough to cover the tip of this awesome iceberg…….

One thought on “Smokin Smokies and Amazin Atlanta…..

  1. Loved reading the post, though a few photos of the places mentioned would have added to the beauty of the words. I wanted to check out the Coke plant. 🙂 Best of luck for the contest!

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