The French Connection

The old Geezer is at it again. Bal Thackeray wants burqa banned, read the headlines in a popular news editorial a few days back. Apparently, Mr. Thackeray does read english newspapers. He was inspired by Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France, who also demanded a ban on burqas.

Mr Thackeray should realize that there are far more important issues ailing Bombay right now. And why does he want burqas removed anyway. So he can ogle at those women? It is their right as a human to dress the way they want. Mahrashtra is a state with a female literacy rate of about 65%, which is sad to say the least. Instead of working himself up on what clothes females should wear, he should work on improving the female literacy rate of the state.
Isnt Mr. Thackeray the one who keeps talking about abolishing “western” customs from the state? So arent the women who wear Burqas, “safer” from the evil eyes of men? Banning Valentine’s day, naming each important place after Chatrapati Shivaji, burning buses for a garland of footwear in his wife’s bust, fighting for jobs for marathi people. These are some of the “noble” causes undertaken by the Shiv Sena over the years. Any doubts why they are still not in power?
Talking about hypocrisy, dont Hindu women also not believe in the concept of the Ghungat? How different is that from a burqa? And moreover, Mr. Sarkozy has nothing else to think about as France is a developed country, has a female literacy rate of 99%, which is a distant reality for Maharashtra.
So try working on those issues first, and god willing, you might actually become chief minister again before you die. Oh yeah and if I remember correctly, were you not the one who said, I will shave my french beard only when I win the elections. The way things are going, that might never happen. When Shiv Sena wins the next election, ill make sure you get a Gillette Fusion Power from me, unfortunately posthumously.


3 thoughts on “The French Connection

  1. Well said Nikhil. Being the commercial capital of the country the city now faces much more serious problems than the Burqa show which Mr.Takrey is trying to create. It is time that the youth get together and make India a better place to live in. Let's have a Rang de Basanti live!!

  2. this is a gud post.. really mumbai…n on a broader perspective… the whole nation needs a transformation… hope such blogs will rekindle the fire in the youth to fight against such hypocrites……

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