Black or White

The recent attacks on Indians in Australia on account of racism has been nothing close to disgraceful by all means. This has been a long standing issue faced by most Indians all across the world, the most recent and well-known being the Shilpa Shetty and Big Brother issue. But before we can point any fingers at anybody, we should look at ourselves. According to me, we Indians are the most racist community of them all.

For us Indians, the fairer the complexion the hgiher social status one gets. Black never was, never is and will never be treated as beautiful. If you feel I am being overtly critical, kindly explain to me the plethora of television advertisements for fairness creams, talcum powders and what not. Apparently, if you don’t use these artificial applicants to bleach the colour of your skin, you may never get married. Talking about marriages, if someone can point out one matrimonial advertisement which states ” I am looking for a dark beautiful girl/guy to be my life partner”. What do you have to say for that?
But let’s be fair. We don’t differentiate a person only on his colour, we have other methodologies too. Who can forget the caste system in India or based on his or her physical traits. Our brothers and sisters from the North-east are called chinki (chinese)-eyed, panjus of punjabis, “kanjoos” maarus for marvaadis, gujjus for gujrathis, bongs for bengalis and madrasis for anybody remotely South Indian, we have a name for every community.
Also, were we not the same country who made racist comments about an Australian cricketer? Why are Indians then so against racism? Sit down and give it a thought guys….

6 thoughts on “Black or White

  1. I sort of agree with you. I think, the reason racism against Indians is increasing now is due to the recession. Imagine this – you are looking for a job, and can't find one, but you see people from a different country working and having jobs, that you should have had. You get angry, you attack them. Also, Indians are not very polite, they do not respect others privacy, talk loudly on the phone, talk in their language in a foreign country…etc..By "Indians", I do not mean all of the people of India, but a majority of them. There are definitely some awesome guys too, and I am proud of them 🙂

  2. I agree with you. we need to stop being racist to our country people. Where ever you go, you will find the local junta being racist to the outer people.

  3. We all are racist in our hearts but in different levels and this ugly truth comes out only in times when one is vindicated or victimized in some way. Racism is a derivative of some sort of prejudiced mind and as humans we all are prejudiced.. there cant be any denying to that.And i certainly dont think calling a gujrati a gujju or south indians madrasis is racism in any way. People just mock using these names … nobody is discriminated or denied their rights if you are a bhaiyya or marwadi. If this was racism then Sardars are the biggest victim of racism in India.

  4. Hey Maha…. I did not say calling them Gujjus or South Indians is being racist… But then associating certain aspects with each caste is racism in itself.. For example, "kanjoos" marwadi, lazy bongs, etc… And coming to the point of our sardar brothers.. they are the most discriminated….

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