Friends are God’s gift to mankind

Getting accustomed to a new city is always a challenge. Some people have had the opportunity to have lived in different places almost all their life. For them, this post may seem kind of laughable. But trust me. I have pretty much lived around the same set of people pretty much all my life.

A new city, especially after having living in a small city for nearly 3 years with close friends, is always scary for the likes of me. I, definitely, am not the kind of guy to stay alone. My friends, who know me well, would vouch for that. So, a new apartment. Just for myself. Exciting at first. But ultra boring over the course of time. Your phone bill would skyrocket. You would rarely spend time at home. Being online during free time would be a given.
To be perfectly honest, if it wasn’t for some time spent with my college friends over this weekend, I would be roaming around half-naked around the streets almost insane. It was probably the most fun I have had in a bit. Getting some time with them, to help me setup the new apartment, was well appreciated. Couldn’t have done anything without them.
This post is dedicated to all my friends, who have put up with me over the years. Put up with my tantrums, good times, bad times. I love you guys. Would not be anything close to what I am right now. Have to count my blessings for all the great pals I have in my life.

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