Women are humans too…

This blog is dedicated to Sunitha Krishnan and her organisation Prajwala. Prajwala, literally translated from Sanskrit, means radiance or brightness. I recently saw this video on youtube on Abolishing Sex Slavery. This was a presentation given by Sunitha on TED.

This video was shockingly true about the nature of most men. I was having this conversation about women with a couple of very good friends and realized something which was shameful to say the least. Hypocritical statements, bordering on racism, just pissed me off. Statements like, “I will order my Indian wife not to wear miniskirts, but if she is american then I guess I have to agree. Other men might want to rape her.” And another friend saying stuff like, that girl is too dark and she should probably marry a dark guy, so she doesn’t mix in to our color, was sheer abysmal.

Just got me to realize how narrow-minded and racist, my good friends were. But, my worries lay elsewhere. 3 and 4 year old kids, gang-raped, till their intestines were out of their body, is a worrying sign that we are losing our conscience. These are children for crying out loud, not sex toys. They are our future. All the women getting raped, well most of them, are ostracized from their own houses, disowned by their own parents, and for no fault of their own. And what reasons do some despicable guys give? They dress to entice you and you are tempted. It is sad that you cannot perceive women as fellow humans to start off with.

All you disgusting rapists, what you did to an innocent woman, someone’s mother, sister or maybe even wife, someone could just repay you the favor. Respect your fellow human.

And to see who Sunitha Krishnan is, watch this



One thought on “Women are humans too…

  1. "I will order my Indian wife not to wear miniskirts, but if she is american then I guess I have to agree"Who's this fool ? I think he has eyes at the back of his head

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