A morning at an English Pub

Twas’ a lazy Sunday. A good friend came visiting by and suggested we go watch a football (read soccer) game with fellow football fans at an English Pub. It had always been a dream of mine to watch a game this way. When an opportunity came knocking, you always pay heed to it.

And pay heed I did. Sacrificing sleep for a match. Not even for the team I support, but for a rival team. All for the love of football. And so we left, bright and early at 6:30 am, off to a local English Pub about an hour away.

Quite a number of “Gooners” (thats what Arsenal fans call themselves). I was from a rival team and had to keep my mouth shut to avoid being beaten up. So, for the day, I was a novice to the world of soccer. I had about 4 cups of coffee to stay awake and my friend had a couple of beers. 8 AM beers!!!!

The match went underway. People screaming at the big screen TV for every foul. Cheering for moments of good play. Screaming again for the goal. It was a fun experience.

A comfortable win in the end for my friend’s team. 2-0 was the scoreline. The best part was the addiction it caused. Have been looking for and trying different english pubs in the area to watch my matches in. Have yet to settle down to one. My home pub…

Cheers to all em football fans.. Without you, we would’nt have any english pubs…


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