A condom for your phone…

When you hear horror tales of executives suffering from brain tumors on the side of their head which they use their phone at, stories of damaged DNAs due to excessive phone use, it scares you doesn’t it. Articles in newspapers, magazines. Reports on television news programs….If you are not scared, you really should be. 
And people who doubt this phenomenon, citing “lack of evidence” as a reason, let me be of assistance. As we all know, our cell-phones operate at frequencies close to microwaves. These are frequencies at which, duh, microwave ovens work at, but at far lower powers. As we know (if you don’t, well now you do), our body consists of 70% water, and there are also a lot of fluids in our brain. And what happens when you put a cup of water in the microwave and turn on the power? Well, the water boils. Similarly, over a period of time, when you apply these microwave radiations to your brain? What happens? Your brain simmers… And eventually, the chances of a a brain tumor go high.
But not all phones are so evil. But phones which are, are some of the more popular “smart” phones like iPhone, Blackberry and Google Nexus One. There are some products in the market that reduce this radiation, but in return they destroy your signal strength. There is this company called Pong, which manufactures cell-phone cases for such dangerous phones. The idea behind this case is that it does not reduce the radiation, it redirects it away from your brain, thereby maintaining your signal.
I work for this company, but this is not a marketing strategy. This is just an attempt to bring awareness to all those people who are in darkness about the existence of such a problem.
Some helpful links in this regard that I would like to share with you:
The website of our company is : 
Any questions that you have, feel free to ask me. 


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