Let the music play!!!

I have had people ask me, “What’s your favorite song?”. Which one of you can honestly pinpoint one song and confidently say, this is it. I, for one, can confidently say that I am incapable of that. Music, for me, is just a way to fade away into another world. Looking at the world through somebody else’s perspective with lyrics that comprise of such varied emotions.

I listen to music depending on my state of mind. Even music of a certain genre have their subtle variations which represent the artist’s state of mind. Some songs are happy, some are sad, some energetic, some about a lost lover, some for a current lover, the moods are endless.

I am a Tamil Iyer from Palakkad, raised in Bombay, came to the USA and work here. This in itself exposed me to a lot of musical variations. From Carnatic, to Bollywood, to Pop, to Rock and now, country music. The magic of music is divine. For me, music does not have a barrier of any kind. So if there is a song I “don’t like”, it is simply down to the fact that I simply do not relate to it.

But, in any case, the world would be devastated without music. There is music all around, rhythm everywhere you see, a tune around every corner. From bathroom singers to street musicians to well established performers, music, like God himself, is omnipotent, ever present. The world may end and along with it the magic of music, but till we live and the world with us, here is to music. I cannot imagine a world without you.

For all you music connoisseurs and musicians, let the music play….


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