What is Love?

This definition I like the best…

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore

Love is a very deep yet shallow term. Its used to define almost everything that is good and pure. Sometimes used for vile purposes too, but let’s not go there. My experiences with love have been vague, to say the least. Coming from a broken family, love has, for me, mostly come from my grandparents, especially my grandma, who raised me from scratch, when my family was falling apart. My dad tried his best to be there for me, but he was busy picking up pieces of his own life. My granddad passed away a few years later.

So, all I have done my life is to look for that moment of inspiration, that person who I could look up to and say I want to be that someone when I grow older. And that for me is my Grandma. She has had immense troubles both physically and mentally, and she has just never given up. But of course, there was a lack of a “mother figure”, for the lack of a better phrase. This led me to the search of that special someone, whom I could share special moments with.

This can be pretty deceiving to say the least. A friend, just recently, told me that I was very vulnerable in love. The truth stung, as it always does. Truth has a reputation of doing that. But that did definitely make me look back at all of my foolish endeavors. I thought to myself, seriously, her?? Wtf was I thinking!!! But I guess time is a healer and hopefully I learn from my mistakes. Cliched phrases aren’t they? 

So, to answer the eternal question, what is love? Or should I call it true love. I don’t know if my opinion counts for anything. I am very open for critiques. But here goes anyway.

Love is that feeling you feel when you know someone really does care about you. Knowing that they would be there for you, come what may. Who generally does not hurt you, but even if they do, you probably deserved it. Someone you can take for granted and not feel guilty about it. Religion, looks, ethnicity, skin color, fat, thin, nothing should really matter. Its that little gray matter in your skull that should matter. Practicality should rule the roost. A lot of people would disagree and should as well. But I feel the heart is over-rated anyway, at least for the feeling of love that is. Its the brain that induces feelings anyway.

So, bottom line, I hope I am on the right track when I define (or attempt to define) the wonderful feeling of love. Many movie makers have tried, many lyricists have tried, many singers have tried, and all of them maybe right. Everyone gets that feeling at some point. Love is simple as it is complicated. But one thing is true, you never get bored of falling in love and feeling its pain. Sometimes, after you break up, you are devastated, but you know what, time is a healer, and maybe there is always someone who will love you. You need to find that person. Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. But there is always tomorrow.

So, I want to end by asking you, What is Love?  Opinions anyone?

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