Capitalism is a bitch!!!!

I watched Micheal Moore’s movie, Capitalism – A Love Story and was amazed. Amazed at the fact that, although their country is in dire straits, Americans are still engulfed in consumerism. They just turn a blind eye to the fact that it is the banks such as Goldman Sachs that are ruling their economy.
Let me define capitalism. It basically ensures a free market system in which the customer is king. He/She gets to choose what to buy and Capitalism ensures the consumer has that option. Fair and free market. Sounds fair enough. But turns out this just makes for cut-throat competition, and the necessity to be the best in what you do. This isn’t wrong either now is it? As people, we also strive to be the best, hence the need to ace school, get a good job, maybe a decent life. All this to get a good social standing. But that’s another topic.
Let’s face it, it is a dog eat dog world out there but it was supposed to be a level playing field. But then the banks took over. Former chairmen of Goldman Sachs were becoming members of Congress, influencing financial decisions, asking US Presidents to “speed it up”. As rightly pointed out by an internal Citibank memo, the US economy is heading towards plutonomy. The rich and wealthy would be ruling the economy, such was a statement openly said by Citibank and that the only thing the rich need to fear about was the voting rights of the not-so-rich citizens.

The mess goes even deeper when a vote by the congress against the issuance of $700 billion for bailing out the banks was actually turned over in a private meetings with bankers and the president. This led to the $700 billion bailout money granted to the banks and the banks spending it on obscene bonuses for its executives and meetings in suites of 5-star deluxe hotels. Any wonder why the American youth is inclined towards finance and making fast money as against science and engineering. Any surprises as to why, Indians and Chinese still end up being the most hired even in a dying economy? So, instead of blaming the Indians and Chinese, for “taking your jobs away”, blame it on your government, which has been bought by these banks.

I am open to debates but before you guys say anything, I would suggest you watch this movie. I really found it to be an eye-opener. 


One thought on “Capitalism is a bitch!!!!

  1. Well, your post captured the essence of the documentary. The thing is that we never are contended with what we have that is framed as lack of ambition.Suppose i say all i want in life is a 2 bhk , a german wife , a car for moving between point a to b and a decent salary with benefits.Save the german wife, i am a lazy guy with no ambition. The company, colleagues, market wants me to buy more, spend more even when i don't need it.When i can get a mp3 player for 70 $, apple comes up with a more stylish version for thrice the price. And i end up buying it just because i can afford it, not because i want to.

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