Dumb dogs and Millionaires

This may be slightly outdated, but I did happen to read this article in the Times of India a few days ago. The article showed how the Congress showed the contribution it made by creating a “conducive” environment for the rise of Slumdog Millionaire.

If you read the article, you will find Abhishek Singhvi, Congress spokesperson, saying “The movie is a film of India, for India, by India.” If my knowledge serves me right, it is definitely not a movie made about India and according to me is not even close to an accurate representation of our nation. 

To his second phrase, about the film being made for India, what part of the profits was given to the government for development of India? I am pretty sure the movie made millions of dollars, so if the movie was made for India, why not share the profits and help eradicate the poverty that the very movie portrayed.

To his third phrase, which is the most ridiculous of them all, the movie is made by India. A mere Google search would have shown as Danny Boyle being the director, the lead actor, Dev Patel is English and 6 out of 9 people who won the award are non-Indian. So, apart from A.R. Rahman and Gulzar, both of whom did not “make the movie”, the people involved are pretty much non-Indian.
The fact that the Congress chooses to use Slumdog Millionaire as a campaign similar to the India Shining campaign which the NDA used, shows to what depths these politicians will fall to form that elusive government and change their own destiny and become the millionaire (no pun intended) they worked so hard for. They say that it was them who laid the bedrock of the series of latest Indian achievements including the first gold at the Olympics, the Chandrayaan moon expedition. I will definitely give them credit for successfully driving Sania Mirza out of India for good. Now focus your attention to never allowing her to play for India again. The increased terrorist attacks, the rising prices of gold, and many such issues that should not be of any government’s concerns. But to their credit, it was them who gave India a good name by the “good governance of the UPA”.

Jai Ho!!!!


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