Back on the bandwagon

It’s been a long time coming. Not that anyone was looking forward to it. But heck, here it goes.About 2 1/2 years ago, I graduated from a one-horse town called Rolla, MO with the chance to work in the City of Angels. Twas’ an exciting prospect. Admittedly, I had heard stories about the bacchanalia this city had to offer. Hailing from 2 1/2 years of utter boredom in a small town (not city) had taken its toll on me. It was time to spread my wings and spread others’ legs and let it fly. And lo and behold, just like that, I was in Los Angeles.

For people familiar with the lay of the land, I lived in the Valley. And not the good part. This was the part of the Valley, where kids were had at 16 and having a tattoo on your nape was a matter of local street representation. Yes. Gangs. Multicultural apartment (Turkish then Chinese) sharing was an interesting introduction to life outside school. Proximity to work was obviously an added advantage. After a few weeks of using the famed public transit system, I decided to take the plunge and invest in a ride of my own. Immerse myself in the congested arteries of the freeways. $2500 fetched me an old, faithful Honda Civic. Its faithfulness was tested in the future months and in year she betrayed me. She belonged to another man and I invested in a newer model. Every man’s dream, no? More about that on a subsequent post.

After a two-month trip across India and China, I returned to find myself hating Los Angeles. What was this temptress that people had warned me of? Why is Hollywood just a dirty street with a bunch of Hobos rolling about in their pee? This isn’t what all the fuss was all about, was it? If so, fuck this shit. I had a lot more fun in Missouri. Fast forward to February 2011, where I made the best move (pun intended) of my short stay in Los Angeles.

Good part of the Valley, here I come. New people, good people, party people, clubs, alcohol. Good weather and beautiful women. Life was rosy again. The 15 mile drive to work, that lasted an hour, was still worth the people I got to meet after work. Weekends could not come sooner. Now, I began to see the true colors of this magnificent city. It reminded me of Bombay. The people couldn’t care less, happy-go-lucky. You lived your life, they lived theirs. I could used to this for the next decade. Then came the  phrase I had never imagined I would hear. “The company is going to move to Virginia”.

My days of skullduggerous manwhoreness were swiftly and surely coming to an abrupt end that I had not anticipated. Leaving behind friends who had grown on me. They said life moves on but I was just snorting the essence this city was offering me. Well, move I did, my lucrative job side-by-side. Virginia beckoned.

Leesburg, VA is a small town with nothing other than a smattering of bars. Nightlife is 40 miles away. I am suburbanized. Domesticated, if you may. Glass is always half-full. Of course, it is.

Close friends are closer than a few 100 miles away. I get to live with a couple of awesome people and 2 dogs that are as happy to see me as I am to see them. Life is a hell of a lot slower. It feels like Missouri all over again. It took me 6 months to realize what Los Angeles had to offer me, and it’s been 2 months since I moved to Leesburg. Surprise me, why won’t you, Loudoun County.

For what it’s worth, California, and in particular Los Angeles, is a country in its own. I miss my peeps whom I left behind and I miss my life back there. But, new beginnings are always exciting. This hasn’t been anything close to bonerific yet, but who’s to say what’s in store.

My first big city in the U.S.A. I bow my head and thank you for the awesomeness that you are and always will be.